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The current news is the release of my novel, "Destiny's Change", a total redesigh of this website and the move to raystankewitz.com!
It had been in a state of flux anyway so I decided it was time to have a clean, fresh look.
This is a template-driven site that was created by
Andreas Viklund.
It's a clean look that I really like and it's easy to work with.

I did a minor code repair that made this page display better in IE7. I moved the right pane content to the left, under the navigation pane. That seemed to fix the dispay error, whatever it was.

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Previous versions of the website:

Jan 11, 2002:
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June 1999
Last site on AOL

January 1998
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It's Now Official!

"Destiny's Change" is officially in print!

I am now a published author! I received my author's copies of my novel, "Destiny's Change" via FedEx today. Click on the image below to go to that page.


My book's ISBN number is 1-60474-167-8 and it's available from ...

Barnes And Noble Online rather than Amazon.com, who has been using bullying tactics here lately. The price is better here, too.

Or directly from my publisher,

In case you haven't noticed, we are now an honest-to-gawd DOMAIN now! Whee!! I am having fun with the fact that my image galleries can grow now. We just had too many size problems on Ge@cities to make it worth our while to stay there!

What you will find on this website:

We hope that you will enjoy our new website. I have made it as friendly as possible, so if you have a comment, suggestion, tech problem, etc., do not hesitate to send an E-mail to the Webmaster and we will check it out! Thank you in advance for visiting!

Last updated: 30 August 2010 at some ungodly hour of the night