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Jan 11, 2002:
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June 1999
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January 1998
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About The Author and his Mate!

This is my website done without using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) automated system. I have used a few others such as MS Publisher 97 and MS FrontPage 97 (and even Word 97!), but I wanted to be challenged by having to write most of the "code" myself. I find this refreshing in that I am learning to debug the others, and remove excess tags from the other program HTML pages. Right now I am using Notepad to redo the website. This template from Andreas Viklund Is very easy to work with and it gives my site the sleek look that I have been trying to get. He has some more templates at his site so I suggest looking there if you are going to build a site!

I used Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000 (hard to find to download these days) and I found a lot of good tips at The Webdiner. I found good help at Professional Web design with frames. It also helped to read "HTML 4 for Dummies" for obscure things about tags. My thanks to these people, who helped me to understand HTML.

A thought on frames-after it was all done, I think that the frames could have been done without. I find that the noframes version works pretty well, with the exception of no return to top buttons. Maybe I will add these at a later date, who knows? Let me know what you think about that subject!

Who is this Grandpa Ray, anyway??

Grandpa Ray is a 50-ish babyboomer married to Grandma Chris. We live in the S.F. Bay area and I previously worked for 11 years in the Amusement industry for a major Northern California amusement park is Santa Clara, CA (name withheld-hehe!). We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren that are a hand full!

Currently I am a low voltage tech for a school district. I repair fire alarms, intrusion alarms, PA systems, clocks, bells and intercom systems. I find this job very rewarding and a challenge to learn new items.

Chris and I have lived in the east bay practically all of our lives. Having done this, I am sort of a historian on Niles in the 60's, having lived there to seen the changes that have happened over the years. Most of my time was spent living in or within 1 mile of Niles, so I have been there to see it first hand.

The town of Niles, CA is very dear to me as I grew up there. Please check out the page that I have put together on Niles and let me know what you think. The link for the Niles Main Street Association is on the same page so check them out too.