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The Novel "Destiny's Change" by R C Stankewitz


"We are told that from birth our destiny is set in stone and we have no control over the outcome.

Jerry Maclachlan is just an average person with an average family in an average home. A very traumatic turn of events in his life leaves him to find out that his destiny has been changed dramatically, affecting everyone close to him that he loves and cares about.

Follow along as he seeks out ways to overcome the obstacles put before him in his quest to restore some control over his own life and ultimately his newfound destiny."

This is my first novel to be published and I feel it will not be my last. The lead character Jerry Maclachlan and his mate Kristen Maclachlan are a happily married couple that find unique ways to overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of them. This book explores family bonds and true friendship while Jerry and Kristen discover a new destiny to their lives.

R C Stankewitz

My book's ISBN number is 1-60474-167-8 and it's available from ...

Barnes and Noble Online rather than, who has been bullying the publishers lately.

Or directly from my publisher,