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Some of our Favorite Pictures!

We are always going to be rotating content on this page. Some of the older pics will be removed from time to time, so if you have a favorite pic that has been removed, let us know and we will send it to you! Placing your cursor over the picture will give a description of it, and clicking on the picture will give you a larger version of it. Just click your browser's back button to return to this page.

Revised: 20 July 2012

Some Pictures!

My Grandson Alex    My Youngest Daughter    My #1 Brat   Grandma Chris & our niece Becka

,From left to right: My grandson Alex, My #2 brat dressed for a party,
My #1 brat 'Petuniaflower', Christine with our niece Becka

Chris @ Donner Summit, CA on a recent trip   Snow @ Donner Summit, CA   A request to see the beater Chevy truck I drive! Why? I don't Know!!

Left to right: Christine @ Donner Summit, CA, The mountains covered in snow
and a picture of a beater truck (mine! - picture by request)

!3 Brat at girl Scouts   Dana receiving a Girl Scout award   My #1 Brat as a little girl

Left to right: 2 pictures of my little scout and my oldest as a little girl-isn't she cute?

My mom and my #1 Brat in 1979   Christine in the Mighty Joe Douglass, Carson City Museum, Nevada   Another Train at the Museum

Left to right: My oldest with my late mother, Christine in the Joe Douglass, (yes, it's a real steam engine)
and another train at museum in Carson City, Nevada

One last train for you   More Trains

Two more of the locomotives @ Carson City, Nevada